A Bad Junk Car Company Can Hurt You


If you own a junk vehicle, Chicago has many companies where you can get rid of it. However, you must beware of each and every company which claims to give money for your vehicle. Remember, just because it’s not doing you any good sitting in your garage, does not mean that you should practically give it away.

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When you decide to sell your car for cash, you’ll probably look on the internet- or in your local yellow page directory. These are both great ways to search for businesses when you’re in need, however there are many companies who claim to give you the best price around, but actually give you a hassle, and a few bucks instead. This is not the kind of company you want to deal with- whether you are tired of looking at the car or not. Patience, persistence and a bit of diligence is essential when handling this situation- chances are you are dying to get rid of your car, and the first bidder may be likely to win- but not so fast! Before getting rid of your vehicle, do your homework- there’s more at stake than just a few dollars.

The options for getting rid of your car usually end with selling it to a junk yard for scraps, or having it crushed. Unfortunately there are companies in Chicago which are operating illegally, and do not provide the services as advertised. First of all, you’re going to be told that your car will be picked up, scrapped, and never seen or driven again, when according to many outraged customers, their cars were actually put back on the road, and driven; some had even gotten tickets- in their name! Yes, companies actually fix the cars up, if it even needs to be fixed- and resells them, or drive the vehicles themselves. The title is less likely to be changed when dealing with these criminal companies, leaving the customer responsible for everything which happens involving the car. This includes crimes, parking tickets, and even accident liability. By the time you find and pay a lawyer to get you out of the mess, you’ll be out of lots of money. This happens not only with companies who claim to give cash for cars, in order to scrap them- but also those who say your car will be crushed. Unless you personally take your car title to the state’s office for transfer, you can never tell what’s going on with it.

You’ve probably seen countless commercials regarding companies in Chicago who will give you cash for your car, and like many others, you believe they are reputable because of the advertising dollars being spent. This could not be further from the truth! Just because it’s on television doesn’t make it right. You must research and find a reputable company to deal with- even though it is only a scrap vehicle.

Doing research is important, as it will enable you to find a reputable company to sell your car to. Be sure the company is licensed, and bonded- as this is the only way to make sure you are dealing with legal individuals. Although you don’t want the car anymore, there is no need to deal with a company which will give you a headache in the long run. Transparency is also something to look for in a company which purchases scrap cars like yours. If they give you a quote, there should be no hidden costs. Your car should be picked up by a tow truck, and you should be paid the price which you were quoted when making the appointment for pickup. All paperwork regarding your title will be taken care of, and you will be on your way. Don’t trust just any company to handle your title transfer- this is very important and could impact your future. Make sure the company has credentials, being licensed and bonded says it is regulated by the state, and is legal and up to date. Your car is probably already giving you a headache- it is now time to deal with a car company in Chicago who will give you a peace of mind.

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