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Call us when you need to junk a vehicle in the city of Chicago. I remember as a child watching Michael Jordan play basketball. His days at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill were the start of what ended as a great career down the road. A round, orange ball was to Michael Jordan what clay is to a sculptor: raw material put to good use. “MJ” could sure dunk a basketball: he would jump in the air; the ball with him, and soar above the opponent all the way to the basket—only to slam it home for a great finish. I often wondered where he found the energy and finesse to make such plays. Man, I sure wish that I could play the game of basketball like him…

We want to impress you in the same way that Michael Jordan made an impression upon everyone who saw him play. We may not specialize in driving a basketball through a net, but we do specialize in compensating you for your car and supplying a demand for other collectors and owners. How do we do this? Through the process of junking an automobile.

Junk a Car Chicago

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When you have a car you are trying to get rid of, it is important that you clean out your possessions in the car. Something as simple as a necklace, piece of jewelry, food wrappers, old music cassette tapes and CDs, not to mention your global positioning system (GPS) if you have one, IPad, IPhone, and other valuable electronic items. Check for misplaced items under car seats, in car door pockets, and even in the trunk. Making sure you don’t leave anything behind is very important, because more than likely as soon as we pick up your car, it is going straight to the crusher.  We like to give more cash to you, than any cash company and we offer free towing with all of our removals.

This is where our company comes in! We aim to please with our hassle-free car process and our #1 rated customer service. Unlike some companies that commit “foul play” with their hidden fees and mysterious charges. We buy cars and we are committed to “playing by the rules.” We say what we mean and mean what we say: when we tell you a price, we will pay just that—and nothing less. Like great athletes such as Michael Jordan, we will consistently “slam dunk” every time with our consumer care. You won’t find a place that takes better care of its customers than us, our company is dedicated to there customers.

Chicago is more than just the home of the Chicago Bulls; it’s the home of “bull-like tenacity” and hard work ethics. We will personally see to it that you get what your junk vehicle is worth (and then some). Our quotes are a “slam-dunk” that soar above the competition.

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