Junk your Vehicle in Chicago

If you are looking to junk your vehicle in Chicago, IL; the process is very simple: 1) removing personal belongings, 2) removing your license plates and returning them, 3) getting the vehicle towed to a proper place, and 4) selling the vehicle or donating it to charity.

The first step in junking your vehicle is to remove your personal possessions from inside your car. Look in the trunk of your car and be sure to remove all items that you don’t want to be taken when we come and start our car removal process. Our car buyers are glad that you chose us over our competition and we will reward you with the #1 rated customer service in the Chicago area and the most cash in your pocket guaranteed for any car.  Whatever the vehicle’s condition, no problem, running or not, rusted, busted, wrecked or ruined, we will buy your car from you.  We guarantee our quotes 100% and we offer the best service in town.  Which means we don’t fool around.  We are a legit and insured company located in the Chicago area.  We will be happy to assist you.

Junk Car Chicago

Junk your Vehicle with Us

The next step consists of turning in your license plates. What happens is if your license plates are not removed your car is crushed with them. Make sure that as soon as our tow driver shows up, you should already have your plates removed off of your car. Our driver will pick up your vehicle; give you the cash promised over the phone and tow it away completely free to you.

Once you have removed your possessions, the next step for proper car removal is to call a cars company, like us, that will take your scrap car and remove it with no extra charge to you.  That’s right I said it, free removal!  It is not just one day only, it is everyday of the week. We want to come and pick up your vehicle. When your car has been picked up, it will be taken to the scrap yard, where it will be picked apart for the parts and then scrapped for the steel and all necessary precautions will be taken for proper car disposal, of course.

We buy cars all day and everyday. We strive to make your call to us as painless as possible. We also make sure that your needs are taken care of as our customer and #1 priority; your satisfaction is guaranteed, or our money back. If you are looking to junk or sell your car, we can help you out with that. Usually our drivers call with in the hour and have you picked up the same day.

You may never have known until now, but your junk vehicle is a luxury item, wanted by dealers everywhere. With us we can guarantee your happiness, we want to get you the most cash for your scrap car and not get ripped off by some other company who are only out there to take advantage of you. You will be extremely happy that you contacted us; call us today for a free quote!

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